"My network administrator works with our contractors to manage our fiber and splicing using CAD and an Excel Spreadsheet."

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    In the section below, you can read about how FiberTools came to be, where we are today, and the FiberTools vision.

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About FiberTools - Design Nine started developing FiberTools with InteractiveGIS in Blacksburg in Spring, 2010. We noticed the same management problems among many community networks we worked with or studied. That is: The technology and staff time required to properly maintain a fiber inventory is too much for a startup network. When Design Nine and InteractiveGIS were introduced, we set out to fix that.

Today, The first version of FiberTools is operational, and is being used as the primary asset management system for several networks. We continue to work with InteractiveGIS to develop the product, and are constantly evaluating feedback and building a wish-list based on our customers' experiences.

In the next few years, we see FiberTools becoming the standard for small and large networks, supporting the technical and operational needs of networks across the US, and allowing users of all skill levels to access a networks inventory and documentation in a way that's meaningful to them.