• We help keep your network running - Broadband has become essential infrastructure for communitites, businesses, and local government. We have taken our expertise in building and operating networks and created a GIS-based network inventory system to help you manage network equipment, fiber cables, and wireless radios.

Equipment Inventory - FiberTools also serves as an organizational tool to update and maintain records of equipment. This system can track various types of equipment including, but not limited to: cabinets, shelters, fiber, switches, routers, patch panels, and uninterrupted power sources. For example, instead of shuffling through old documents to determine where and when a certain piece of equipment was constructed, FiberTools supports a database with a search engine to quickly locate the specific equipment you are interested in. Users can add as much or as little detail to document the equipment. We can customize the degree of specificity. Besides indicating the name of a piece of equipment, users can add information on: the project name, serial number, cable stamp, date of modifications, the last person who made a modification, creator, date created, maintenance notes, description, ownership, optical length, calculated length, and etc. Without a doubt, these details will ensure that the data reflected in the map matches the appropriate pricing allocated for fiber and cabinet construction. For example, a document may specify the cost of a piece of fiber in a certain area. If that document has been lost or misplaced, organizations can quickly determine the exact price by checking FiberTools. Another unique aspect of the equipment inventory capabilities in FiberTools is that photos of equipment can be inserted into the database. Not only a thorough description of the equipment will be available, but also an accompanying photograph can be attached.