• We help keep your network running - Broadband has become essential infrastructure for communitites, businesses, and local government. We have taken our expertise in building and operating networks and created a GIS-based network inventory system to help you manage network equipment, fiber cables, and wireless radios.

Web-based Mapping and GIS - Often times, organizations face difficulties in managing the various components of their fiber network. A network may contain thousands of strands of fiber, and manually keeping track of each individual fiber is not a simple task. However, FiberTools can track used and unused fiber strands and buffer tubes quickly and easily. There are drawing functions that allow you to create and maintain duct and fiber cable routes. This function allows you to map an entire network of fiber cables along with handholes, slack loops, splice cans, cabinets, and other cable-related outside plant. In addition, splice reports can be quickly generated to show the linkages between the fiber strands. By taking the time to document the details and locations of each fiber strand early on will save tremendous time and money in the long run when an organization needs to know the attributes of the data. Some communities have even inserted completely new fiber networks because they could not recall if their existing network could still have the capacity to add additional fiber strands.