• We help keep your network running - Broadband has become essential infrastructure for communitites, businesses, and local government. We have taken our expertise in building and operating networks and created a GIS-based network inventory system to help you manage network equipment, fiber cables, and wireless radios.

GIS-Based Mapping - FiberTools is a GIS-based mapping system that is easy to learn and easy to use that allows you to quickly create beautiful, detailed maps of your network. You can create your own service area maps from scratch, import data from other GIS sources, or have our staff create base maps for you. Our mapping system supports importing aerial views, existing shapefiles, and maintains all ordinary GIS data. The basic features of ESRI ArcGIS also exist in FiberTools. You can draw lines to represent fiber and non-fiber networks, add points indicative of community anchor institutions, and insert symbols to illustrate poles, cabinets, data centers, and colocation facilities.

In addition, FiberTools can be accessed from any location as long as there is an internet connection. So you and your team can view and modify the network if necessary from the office, home or in the field from a laptop or tablet. Furthermore, multiple users can access and use the system from their respective locations at once and affordably. Design Nine will help you export all data in an acceptable format that meets the industry's standards.