• We help keep your network running - Broadband has become essential infrastructure for communitites, businesses, and local government. We have taken our expertise in building and operating networks and created a GIS-based network inventory system to help you manage network equipment, fiber cables, and wireless radios.

Port and Patch Panel Tracking - To add to the complexity of a fiber network system, switch, port, and panel tracking is also necessary in order to maintain a fine tuned circuit. FiberTools can identify which ports are attached to certain plugs and which ports are attached to certain patch panels. Since thousands of cable strands may exist in a network, it is important to determine the exact location of where each strand is in a patch panel. At times, a physical cable management system may become easily disorganized. This disorganization may result in “cable spaghetti” where devices are tangled and unplugged. However, if the switch, port, and patch panel system has already been documented in FiberTools, then the system can easily be reconciled by following the visuals in FiberTools.