• We help keep your network running - Broadband has become essential infrastructure for communitites, businesses, and local government. We have taken our expertise in building and operating networks and created a GIS-based network inventory system to help you manage network equipment, fiber cables, and wireless radios.

Fast and Easy Printing - Printing both reports and maps can be easily accomplished through FiberTools. For maps in particular, map design and cartographic principles can be quickly applied to each map with various formats that you can select from. The traditional cartographic maps that FiberTools provides contains a title, legend, north arrow, coordinate system, and map scale. The map elements can all be customized based on the organization's preferences. There is not only one direct view of the maps. Similarly to ArcGIS, FiberTools can also export drawings into PDF, PNG, JPEG, or GIF files. Maps can be printed in a full view, at various scales, a portion of the map, or a zoomed in view of the map. The paper size of the map is also not an issue. Maps can be printed as large as E size (34" x 44").