Apple is playing the long game

Submitted by acohill on Thu, 10/09/2014 - 14:42

Apple stock continues to bounce around a bit. Apple's mis-steps with a botched iOS 8 release and the supposed "bendable" iPhone 6 triggered a predictable round of Apple-hating pundits writing articles proclaiming that Apple is doomed! Doomed! Meanwhile, Apple is selling phones as fast as they can make them....sure proof the company is doomed.

But if you look at HealthKit and HomeKit software that is being included in iOS 8 and in the next version of OS X (likely to be released later this fall), Apple has big plans for the future. This article provides a peek into that future--Apple wants you to control all sorts of devices in your home from your iPhone. Or maybe your TV. Your Apple TV, to be more specific. Apple has apparently added HomeKit and HealthKit hooks into the Apple TV software so you can sit on the couch and turn the lights on and off, set the room temperature, and check the weather outside (among many other things you will be able to do) via your Apple TV box.

Everyone is fixated on the phone. It's not about the phone. And Samsung may be headed down the long slow road to nowhere that Sony picked years ago. Copying what you think your competitors are doing, rather than thinking about the future and charting your own course rarely turns out well. Samsung thinks it can be Apple by selling cheap phones. Good luck with that. There is undeniably a market for cheap phones, but that does not make you an Apple competitor.

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