Apple Watch strap is ugly

Submitted by acohill on Fri, 04/24/2015 - 08:04

It's Friday, and I am delinquent in writing about hardware and gadgets. I am mildly interested in the Apple Watch, but I do wonder if anyone besides me thinks that the cheesy plastic strap provided with the entry level models is not only ugly but unpleasant. I have worn watches with a plastic strap, and have found them profoundly uncomfortable, especially in the summer or when exercising. Perspiration builds up under the plastic and the band and watch gets hot and, and how do I put it....sweaty.

I just watched a couple of Apple videos about the Watch, and most of the people depicted in the ads are exercising. I really have trouble with the idea that I have spend hundreds of dollars more just to get a more comfortable leather band. It does appear that it is possible to buy a third party watch strap for the Watch, and maybe this whole cheap strap thing is similar to Apple's similarly inexplicable strategy of providing the world's worst earbuds with iPods. Who knows?

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