Food: Fuel for the Knowledge Economy

Submitted by acohill on Fri, 01/26/2007 - 09:14

Broadband is not the only fuel of the Knowledge Economy. Rural leaders often discount the importance of having good places to eat in smaller towns. Microbusinesses and entrepreneurial start ups do a lot of business over breakfast and lunch, and one of the key quality of life factors that drive relocation decisions for enterpreneurs is the right kinds of restaurants--along with good coffee. Small town restaurants don't have to be fancy, but they have to be clean and comfortable, with excellent food and great service. Those are easily achievable goals, but small town restaurant owners may need coaching to bring their food, service, and decor up to the standards needed to attract Knowledge Economy business people. One small town that has the right kind of place is Quechee, Vermont, which has The Farmer's Diner. The Farmer's Diner has great food in a friendly, casual atmosphere, but the establishment also serves up locally grown food whenever possible--leveraging the interest in fresh and organic food, while providing a local sales opportunity for nearby farmers-a nice synergy.

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