Needs Assessment

Design Nine will provide a complete demographic, bandwidth usage, and bandwidth projection analysis for the area. We will:
Gather information on the current telecommunication needs and usage in the study area
Perform a gap analysis of existing telecommunications services in relation to demand and broadband availability
Identify trends in use of broadband by existing and potential customers as well as any other pertinent trends
Examine user bandwidth usage by market segment (residential and business)
Develop projections of potential broadband service
Examine how the area efforts relate to on-going and future regional telecommunication efforts
Perform broadband aggregation studies
Perform wireless aggregation and build out studies
Perform fiber aggregation and build out studies
We can conduct online user needs surveys for both business/institutional and residential customers. Information collected from these surveys will be used to identify broadband needs and demand in the area, and we can map survey results by zip code to help identify areas of greatest need.
We will use the existing broadband availability data and use on the ground surveys, the online survey data, service provider interviews, and meetings with stakeholders to enhance and more precisely identify unserved, under-served, and served areas in the study area.

About Design Nine, Inc.

Design Nine projects have included the award-winning nDanville municipal open network, The Wired Road open access network, New Hampshire FastRoads, Rockbridge Area Network Authority network, the City of Eagan, Minnesota open access network, and over two hundred other planning efforts for communities in more than twenty-two states, Canada, and the Caribbean. The senior leadership of Design Nine has extensive, hands-on experience designing and managing telecommunications and broadband systems.

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Design Nine provides visionary broadband network planning, design, and build out services to our clients.

We have over ninety years of staff experience with telecom and community broadband-more than any other company in the United States.We have a full range of broadband and telecom planning, design, and project management services. We can plan, design, and build both fiber and wireless broadband networks.