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Our handouts and magazine articles provide brief and concise discussions of various aspects of community-owned broadband topics of interest. Some of our most popular items are our "worst practice" articles written by our CEO, Andrew Cohill, in response to the number of questions he gets on "what is best practice?"

Planning for Community Technology Projects

Key Concepts

  • Interdependent and independent processes
  • Concurrent activities with different rates
  • Each managed separately
  • Communication between efforts is essential
  • Incremental progress adds up

1. Infrastructure Development

Modest community investments crete a level playing field to 
attract much greater private investment.

2. Content and Services

Rich local content and community-managed services sends
a powerful message that the community is connected.

Community Broadband: Planning for Success

Planning Tips

  • Do not rely on "free" planning from vendors. Get an experienced, independent third party to assist with planning.
  • Complexity and interconnectedness of the global economy makes it difficult to succeed without constant review of the plan
  • Remember to aggregate demand&ldash;goal is to create a marketplace where sellers can delever services to savvy buyers
  • Mismatch between what is wanted and what is possibleis the biggest source of problems

What is broadband?

Open for Business: Ten things your community needs

Is your community trying to attract high tech businesses and entrepreneurs to live and work in the region? There are a few things every community needs to compete in the global Knowledge Economy. Key Concepts Know what visiting businesspeople want Visit successful communities to see what works Market your business amenities vigorously

Open For Business: 10 Things Your Community Needs


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